Solitaire – The Ultimate Game of the Decade


Solitaire Card games have been with us ever since the time of kings and queens ruled the estates. Playing card games were their leisure hours. Also it is said that some of the rulers used to bet on these games and a variety of gambling games were created. Evidently, card games are filled with escapades.

Now, as we have come a long way, Solitaire has been one of the most played games. Keeping the same norm going, Camel Motion Inc. created Solitaire^. This is a single player game where you can groove as a lone wolf. With a lot changing, not everyone is available for us all the time. During such a period of time, Solitaire^ plays the role of your bestie.

To briefly describe, you play the game with a single deck. And your main task is to arrange the card in order viz. Ace to King. There are two piles in the game. One is “Tableau” and the other is “Foundation”. Now, the placement of the cards is a bit different in both the piles.

In the tableau pile, the card placement has to be in alternate colors. The order is simple, for example, a red card of 9 will come after the black card of 10. On the other hand, in the foundation pile you need to arrange the cards of the same color and shape in order from Ace to King. So, the game will be very much entertaining with this arrangement.

Furthermore, there are many other pros of playing Solitaire^. Let’s know all about this fun card game.

  1. Beautiful graphics and themes

A game with a mesmerizing background creates a different level of gaming experience. So is with Solitaire^. You get beautiful themes which you can customize as per your liking. These features give the players liberty to create their own gaming space while playing.

Similarly, the graphics will give you a rush. All we want from a game is that it should be pleasing to the eyes and fun at the same time. Solitaire^ is one of the games that fulfills all your entertainment needs. So without wasting any time download Solitaire^ and play your favorite card game.

  1. There is a surprise for you at every click

With tableau and foundation piles, there is a stock pile. When you click on that pile a card opens up on the waste pile just next to the stockpile. Now, your work here is to click and choose the card that is appropriate for your next move.

Now, the question is how is this a surprise? The surprise here are the cards that open up. And this process is very crucial for your game because few of the cards are placed in the stock pile. In addition to this, there are two ways in which you can view the cards on the waste pile. One is where you can view a single card and the other is where you can view 3 cards.

Evidently, this feature adds an extra essence to the game. Now, whenever you plan a family gathering or friends get together and somehow it gets canceled. No need to worry, because Solitaire^ is here to keep you entertained.

  1. It has the ultimate weapon to win the game

While playing a game, we always have that one weapon that does the trick for us. In every way that weapon is useful for us. In Solitaire^ universe, you have 2 major weapons. Using these you can move forwards towards the winners spot.

One of the weapons is the “Hint”. This comes in handy when you are stuck and don’t know what should be the next move. Hence, “Hint” is here to help you make that perfect next move in order to win the game.

The other weapon that you can use while playing Solitaire^ is “Undo”. We make many moves and then get stuck, for such a situation we have the undo option. We can use this to reverse the steps to check if we can make another move. Also, this is not limited to one step, you can move back as many steps as you feel like.

  1. Solitaire^ is the star of the party

As mentioned above, we plan a lot of gatherings and there is one game that is a must in these get togethers. The game is “Solitaire^” or also known as “Card Game”. We always love to play this game with our friends and family. Without a doubt, this game never fails to entertain all of us.

Moreover, it is not important to play this game with a group of people. Camel Motion Inc. has made this gaming experience easy for you. You can play the game alone while relaxing at the comfort of your own home. Just download this amazing game and get on with the ultimate card game.


To sum up, although there are many card games available. Plus, we can play several games in the traditional way as well. However, Solitaire^ will ease all your hustles. Because, this game is here for you. You can play this game anytime and anywhere you like and without worrying about planning something. So, open your app store and get Solitaire^ on your handsets. Start enjoy the lit air of this virtual card gaming world.

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